Website updated with photos of 3Rs sculptures

Have now fully updated -especially the page for 3Rs Sculpture Trail to show the images and descriptions of the 12 sculptures produced during the 3Rs Sculpture Symposium – Easter 2011.

Visit the website for larger pics and more info on the art education and other aspects of the sculpture symposium and resulting sculpture trail along the Grantham Canal in the East Midlands (UK) !


First intake of breath after unveiling of 2011 Trail….

I have invited the sculptors who took part in the Easter 2011 3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled Raw Sculpture Symposium to be contributors to this blog. So hopefully you will soon see posts and pics from them!

Below if the final logo… a collaborative effort by Laury Dizengremel (with help from Nikolai Bird), Ryan Curtis and Chloe Jane Chandler!

3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail logo

2011 Sculpture Trail contributors Chloe Jane Chandler, Ryan Curtis, Lorna Green, Ryan Kerslake, Douglas Kirk Bellamy, Courtney Lee, Donna Peterson, Hannah Satchwell, Robbie Scandrett and Dee Sowden – here’s to great things from you all!!!

3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw – day minus 1

The calendar for the 3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail Symposium is shaping up beautifully…
I have had great support from a variety of sources and it’s all looking very much in hand for the start – which is tomorrow – Saturday 16th of April!

We have the great honour to have professional sculptor / land artist LORNA GREEN from Cheshire coming to make a sculpture on the Trail. She will arrive on Monday 25th (her project won’t take her very long and we can all lend her a hand). You will hopefully get a presentation and talk from her about her work! Then on the Thursday 28th we have another professional sculptor, NINA WINTERS, coming all the way from America to England for the first time,  see … so quite a line up!

16 April arrivals… try and all be here by 3.30 pm latest!!!!
1) Chloe Jane Chandler (SECOND HAND RAIN) is arriving 10.40 am at Grantham Station from Canterbury.
2 &3) Ryan and Ryan (ICOSAHEDRON with ORGANIC CENTER) are arriving 2.16 pm at Grantham Station from Plymouth.
4)  Robbie Scandrett (RAW NATURE) is arriving from West Sussex in the afternoon by train also.
5) Donna Peterson (IMP) is arriving by car from Grimsby
6) Hannah Satchwell (DOORS) from Norwich will be coming straight from her parents who live in Melton Mowbray.
7) Douglas (A DIFFERENT HERME) is coming from nearby Barkestone Le Vale
8) Courtney Lee (FAMILY GATHERING) is coming from nearby Normanton

That means on Saturday 16 April there will be 8 Sculpture Symposium participants here at the Old Hunt Stables, plus myself and my husband Joe who will be filming the event. That’s ten people to start off with… swelling to 12 once Lorna and then Nina get here. Quite a crowd! We may also have an additional participant in the Arts Officer for Melton Mowbray, Ms. Dee Sowden, who has been invited to make a work though not coming until 21st of April… And the door to emerging and professional sculptors isn’t closed… so another surprise artist or two may yet squeeze in!

We have the days and evenings planned as follows:

Saturday 16 April – arrival, settling in to digs here, Robbie (and whoever else can help him) “grid up” Kate & William profiles onto sheets of 8×4 ft plywood, general health & safety briefing before dinner, inaugural dinner here in studio at Old Hunt Stables

Sunday 17 April – walk the trail together, assign locations of sculptures, discuss signage options, visit welding site at farm and go over specific health & safety briefing there, review materials already available at the farm and here, create work plans, draw up materials lists, and in the afternoon we discuss foundations with engineer Andrew Pendleton andwe have an open house for volunteer helpers / community members to come and meet the participants (Dr. Gallop and her husband, Mr. and Mrs Kevin Lawry, etc.), dinner in studio here at Old Hunt Stables

Monday 18 April – those who need more materials in the morning visit the MRF recycling facility in Caythorpe for the bulk of them, we set up working spaces at farm and here, go visit another welding facility, purchase any required materials, 5.30 pm dinner donated by the Welby Arms in Denton

Tuesday 19 April – settle into work, any additional purchases of required materials, 5.30 pm dinner donated by the Windmill Pub in Redmile

Wednesday 20 April – design signage, construct signage mounts, work, dinner donated by Dr. Gallop and her husband at their house in Woolsthorpe

Thursday 21 April – work, dinner here at studio (unless… I score another donation of a dinner somewhere…)

Friday 22 April – work, also install the 2012 sculpture on the Trail, dinner here at studio

Saturday 23 April – work, also install the WHEAT sculpture on the Trail, dinner here at studio

Easter Sunday 24 April – work, 11am radio interview on 103 FM the Eye (Melton), more work, dinner here at studio

Easter Monday 25 April – work, Lorna Green arrives, Robbie Scandrett returns, cold bufffet dinner donated by Mr & Mrs Sowden at Dee Sowden’s studio in Melton Mowbray

Tuesday 26 April – work, 5.30 pm dinner donated by Peacock Inn in Redmile

Wednesday 27 April – some finish work, some help with installations of remaining sculptures, 5.30 pm dinner donated by Manners Arms in Knipton

Thursday 28 April – installations of remaining sculptures, Nina Winters arrives (a couple of other friends arrive too), final photos of artworks and rush print out and mount signage….

Friday 29 April – Royal Wedding event and we all together create a Kate & William sculpture at Belvoir Castle

Saturday 30 April – friend Jennie Allen arrives, and in morning: installation of Kate & William sculpture, installation of Trail signage … then afternoon 2pm: unveiling ceremony, followed by small and short reception at Belvoir Castle with Duchess of Rutland and myself as artist-in-residence to acknowledge sponsors and participants, closing dinner at Old Hunt Stables studio

Sunday 1 May – Goodbye to most sculpture symposium participants…

Creating a new sculpture trail

It is quite a challenge to create one new rural sculpture trail, let alone two! Lots of factors to consider…

Right now I have these two on the go: one in North America in the state of Montana (USA) and one on the Lincolnshire / Leicestershire county border area in the East Midlands (UK).

The trail in Montana is called “Crown of the Continent Sculpture Trail” and as of now has just one large-scale outdoor sculpture on it, in the small Rockies town of Seeley Lake. I hope this rural trail will eventually span a couple of hundred miles from Missoula up to Glacier Park and back. The first outdoor sculpture was made by me and  is called “Log Henge: Spirits of the Forest”. It consists of 10 reclaimed dead-standing Douglas Pine timbers from 10 to 20 feet in height arranged in a loose circle, and was a collaborative work in that I invited a number of other artists to contribute to it. Further details of this and photos can be found at

Log Henge: Spirits of the Forest sculpture installation by sculptor Laury Dizengremel, Seeley Lake, Montana

Log Henge: Spirits of the Forest sculpture installation by sculptor Laury Dizengremel

Further outdoor sculptures on the “Crown of the Continent Sculpture Trail” will be made by other sculptors than myself, however I have promised to go back to Montana to assist in the process (from fund-raising to raising the construction permit to overseeing technical logistics).

The East Midlands sculpture trail in the United Kingdom is called Belvoir “3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw”, as of this date has not a single sculpture on it yet (it’s still in the early stages of planning and sculpture competition phase), and will be a loop of approximately 2 miles, along a canal, through some fields and a small stream, and back through further fields and a portion of a country road in the county of Lincolnshire (South Kesteven district). Details of it can be found at

I am not yet sure whether I will create a sculpture of my own for this trail – but certainly I will mentor the sculptors selected to contribute work to it. I have mainly devised it as an opportunity for student artists and emerging artists to create their first large-scale outdoor work, with sustainable sculpture materials. This will appeal to the fledgling  eco-artist / environmental artist! The scope for each temporary sculpture installation to be featured on the trail is immense and it certainly pushes both the “green art” and “sustainable art practice” buttons that I am most focused on these days. From artist – art maker only I’ve really strived to expand my art practice to artistic mentor and art event organiser as well.

The Duchess of Rutland is facilitating the creation of this sculpture trail through me being the artist-in-residence for Belvoir Castle & Estate.

My dream: a sculpture park

Sculpture is – along with architecture – the most visible form of art in both rural and urban settings. It is an artform which at its best engages viewers, provokes thought, adds to our perception and enjoyment of the 3-dimensional world that surrounds us.

My dream is to create a sculpture park in a rural rather than an urban setting. First choice for location at this stage is close to Potomac, Montana USA (in Missoula County), but it could be further afield in the USA, or in England or in China. I have created this blog to keep track of the various thoughts, steps, milestones of this sculpture park creation process.

What qualifies me for this project?

First and foremost passion for every form of sculpture and in particular for outdoor sculpture.

I’m a “mature”, professional free-lance sculptor with public sculptures in France, China, Vitenam, Honduras and Ireland. I’ve visited any sculpture park, sculpture trail, sculpture walk and sculpture garden that I came across on 5 continents (admittedly far from every park, trail or walk that exists, but at least a good sampling of such!), paying attention to details of signage, presentation, quality of sculptures displayed, nature and coherence of artworks, themed sections where they existed, etc. I’ve worked as one of several administrators on creating an anual arts festival in which sculpture played a role from the very start, and which has successfully run for over 15 years. I’ve helped organizers of sculpture symposia in Changchun, China and Hue, Vietnam with the English versions of their symposium’s book, and helped advise on structure and format as a public art consultant for a sculpture symposium in Kunming, China.

I welcome the input of fellow sculptors from around the world on this project – as well as from sculpture park creators/founders/administrators.

Intro blog….

So this is me… Laury Dizengremel, award-winning international sculptor…

After spending a lifetime eschewing “standard art education” and going the pick-and-choose teachers and self-taught route for over 30 years – I applied in 2004 for a 2 year Masters Degree International Practice course (at University College of the Creative Arts, formerly Kent Institute of Arts and Design in Canterbury,Kent, England) so that I could see what a formal, standard art education might be like…..

I survived! Questions?